*What can be done with settled concrete?

Answer: Settled concrete can be lifted and leveled with Polyurethane Foam. Leise Concrete uses PolyPier. A dime sized hole is drilled in concrete and foam is injected beneath the concrete. It expands and fills the space and lifts the concrete. You can drive on the concrete soon after. For more information visit our concrete leveling page. 

*What types of concrete can be lifted?

Answer: All types of concrete slabs can be lifted including sidewalks, walkways, driveways, concrete parking lots, interior slabs, porches, patios, pool decks, concrete airport runways and more. Trip hazards can be repaired.

*How do you know whether or not your should raise or replace your sunken concrete?

Answer: This is not easy to know. It is much better to have a concrete professional like Leise Concrete inspect the concrete. We can help you understand the cause of the concrete settlement and make an educated choice on whether to replace it or raise it. 

*What is Stamped Concrete?

Answer: Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned / embossed to look like brick or stone. Stamping can be used on patios, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, pool decks and more. Stamped concrete is a less expensive option than actual brick or stone but still has an authentic look and feel to the real thing. To read more visit our decorative concrete page.

*What are Plate Anchors?

Answer: Leise uses ECP Plate Anchors. ECP states that Plate Anchors are the most economical method for providing supplemental lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracked walls affected by hydrostatic pressures. 

*What is Hydrostatic Pressure?

Answer: Hydrostatic pressure occurs when there is excess water in the soil around your foundation / basement walls. As it builds up and saturates the soil it puts pressure on the foundation walls. This causes foundation walls to bow in and crack and water will then find it’s way in through these cracks into your basement. Loose soil can contain more water so you will see frequently that poorly compacted soil and hydrostatic pressure are the biggest causes of foundation problems.

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