Poured Walls

Leise Concrete offers foundations and footings, including form walls for garages, agricultural buildings, and retaining walls. Please let us know how we can better meet your needs.

Foundation Footings

Foundation footings are on of the most important parts of foundation construction. The purpose of foundation footings is to support the rest of the foundation and to help prevent foundation settlement. Footings are especially important in when building in areas where there is poorly compacted soils or loose soil above the load bearing strata. 

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is used for the purpose of holding back soil behind it. They provide a rigid structure that won’t move easily with changes in weather and climate. They can be used in landscaping design elements or for more functional purposes preventing soil and earth from washing out on hills around homes, driveways and more. 

They can also be used in commercial and municipal applications along road ways. In fasted poured concrete retaining walls are more often used in commercial projects due to the unforgiving nature of poured concrete. It needs to be just right, which is something that Leise Concrete has mastered in our years of concrete construction and repair.

Foundation Walls

Poured concrete foundation walls are stronger than cinder block foundations and have better lateral strength. That means that they can resist more pressure than other foundation wall types. New construction builders choose poured concrete foundation walls as their typical foundation wall of choice. 

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